June 28, 2022


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Juan Guaidó, Ministers to discuss economic recovery and COVID-19 at Horasis

International leaders, including those from Colombia and neighboring Venezuela, will meet virtually on October 1st to devise solutions to overcome the

Meta FARC ecotourism Colombia
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Ex-FARC members pioneer ecotourism projects in rural areas of Colombia

As some former members of Colombia’s most influential guerrilla movement run off to join other criminal groups, certain individuals have developed an

Colombia ELN Release Hostages
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Human Rights Watch calls on ELN to release captives

The nonprofit group Human Rights Watch has called on Colombia’s left-wing guerrilla group National Liberation Army (ELN) to release any hostages they are

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Head of DEA in Colombia may be under investigation after anonymous misconduct complaint

The checkered past of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) post in Colombia may have added another unfortunate incident to its history. The

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Colombia to host next year’s Organization of American States’ General Assembly

Colombia will be the home to the Organization of American States’ (OAS) General Assembly next year, per an official announcement from

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Who is against the “Consulta Anticorrupción” and why?

The voting of the long-awaited Consulta Anticorrupción will be held this Sunday and promoters and critics are sharpening their best arguments to persuade

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Iván Duque sworn in as Colombia’s youngest ever president

Two months after having won easily in the presidential runoff, Iván Duque of the Centro Democrático party has been sworn in as 60th President of Colombia.

Maduro Assassination Attempt Drone
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Maduro survives alleged drone assassination attempt

Speaking at a Caracas event to commemorate the anniversary of Venezuela’s National Guard, President Nicolás Maduro was mid-speech when he found himself

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President-Elect Iván Duque begins to name cabinet members

As Colombia’s President-Elect Iván Duque gets set to take office in less than a month, he has begun naming key cabinet members that will be part of

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Iván Duque maintains lead in latest of Colombia’s presidential polls

Leading presidential candidate Iván Duque has kept his substantial lead ahead of next month’s elections, according to the latest official polls

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ELN announces ceasefire ahead of elections

ELN have announced that it will cease all offensive military operations from March 9th to 13th out of respect for the Colombian voters. In a dispatch, the

hugo aguilar
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Colombian lieutenant who helped kill Pablo Escobar arrested on money laundering charges

Retired police lieutenant and former Governor of Santander Hugo Aguilar made his name by bringing down the world’s most infamous drug lord, but now

Marta Lucía Ramírez
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Race to represent the Centro Democrático party is between Iván Duque and Marta Lucía Ramírez

This summer, former Colombian president Álvaro Uribe surprised Colombia’s electorate when he announced that his Centro Democrático party had entered

Germán Vargas Lleras
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Germán Vargas Lleras outlines proposal for tax reform in Colombia

Colombia’s former Vice President and current presidential candidate, Germán Vargas Lleras outlined a proposal today for tax reform in the Andean

Alvaro Uribe in Sucre

Colombia’s Centro Democrático Party set to choose nominee

With Colombia’s 2018 Presidential Election now less than 8 months away, parties have begun the process of selecting the candidate that will represent

Uribe and Santos

Uribe criticizes presidential candidates who are abandoning Santos

Last Tuesday, former Colombian president and standing senator Álvaro Uribe Vélez visited Medellín’s “Comuna 13” to mark one year since

Coalición Ciudadana

Former Antioquia governor Sergio Fajardo takes the lead in new 2018 presidential poll

There are still eight months until Colombians elect their next president, but the race has already evolved into a four candidate contest. After months of

Ex-M19 terrorist Gustavo Petro

Petro accuses governor Luis Perez of prohibiting him from presenting at Tecnológico de Antioquia conference

Former M-19 terrorist and ex-mayor of Bogotá, Gustavo Petro, visited the Law School at the University of Medellín last Tuesday morning to give a keynote

Sergio Fajardo

Colombia’s treasury department confiscates Sergio Fajardo’s properties

In an ironic twist, Colombian 2018 presidential candidate and former Antioquia governor Sergio Fajardo, who has campaigned heavily on an anti-corruption

Sergio Fajardo and Claudia López

Colombian liberals form alliance to win presidency in 2018

The alliance between Colombia’s liberal 2018 presidential candidates Claudia López, Sergio Fajardo, and Jorge Robledo, rumored for weeks, is now