Prosecution appeals for the maximum sentence against Rafael Uribe Noguera

By June 14, 2017

RCN News reported today that the prosecution appealed to the Tribunal Superior to request the maximum sentence of 60 years in jail for convicted criminal Rafael Uribe Noguera, who confessed to the murder of 7-year old Yuliana Samboní on December 4th, 2016.

For the prosecution, Rafael Uribe Noguera crime was premeditated and his confession showed no remorse for his crimes. Though previously sentenced to 51 years and 8 months, the prosecution seeks to add another 8 years and 4 months to the tally.

“He chose his victim taking advantage of her complex situation as a woman, a child and part of a minority”, wrote the prosecution in making their case.

The rape and murder of the 7-year old indigenous girl horrified a nation last year. Yuliana was playing with friends outside her home in one of Bogota’s poorer neighborhoods when Rafael Uribe kidnapped her from the street and sped away. Her body was found 10 hours later, raped, tortured and strangled at a nearby luxury penthouse.

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