Maduro: “Santos, I am your father!”

By July 7, 2017

For the several past days, Nicolás Maduro, the Venezuelan Chief of State, has consistently insulted Juan Manuel Santos, President of Colombia, describing him “a failure”. With Colombia’s president, along with the rest of the international community, ramping up pressure on Maduro and demanding a return to their democratic institutions, Maduro took his attacks to a new level on Thursday.

The new verbal attacks took place while Maduro was touring the southern state of Guyana, promoting a National Constituent Assembly, intended to elect new government representatives at the end of July. According to the Venezuelan constitution, such an assembly can only be called by the people. However, with a supreme court packed with loyalists, Maduro has moved ahead with his plans. He blamed Colombia for “interferences in the internal affairs of Colombia” and claimed Venezuela’s supremacy.

You, Venezuelans, are the parents of Colombia. Our grandparents founded Colombia. For that reason, President Santos should ask for my blessing, because we are their parents. Santos, ask for my blessing. Bend and kneel before your father. I am your father, Santos, am I not? I am your father. God bless you Santos, and stop the evil against Venezuela”.

Critics immediately took to twitter to compare Maduro’s comments to Darth Vader from the famous Star Wars franchise.

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