Dismembered body found in Medellin is linked to the gold bars recovered by police

By July 3, 2017

The body José Holmer Torres Cardona, one of the best multilingual lecturers in sales and client service in Latin America, was found dismembered and with his body parts distributed in two sacks and one plastic bag in the “Santa Mónica” neighborhood of Medellín this past Thursday.

The last reports of Mr. Torres describe him going to eat at a shopping mall and then attending an appointment. Following the appointment, his whereabouts became unknown.

Thanks to other reports, a rented storehouse in his name was located. Inside it, a bag containing 34 gold bars, worth at least 4 billion Colombian pesos (US $1.3 million dollars), was found.

According to the authorities, this gold bars may be related to the death of this man. However, further investigation is needed in order to determine if a connection exists with any criminal organizations or narcotrafficking.


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