Cuadrado looks to be the next Colombian to find a new home

By July 3, 2017

James Rodriguez is not the only Colombian superstar who is looking for a new team this summer. According to Spanish sports web site Don Blas, Juan Guillermo Cuadrado will also be moving on. Cuadrado, like James, has been disappointed with his role on the team, most often used in Juventus as a substitute off the bench.

Though persistent rumors this off-season have been that Cuadrado will land in Barcelona, the cafetero’s preference is to stay in the Italian league. Juventus is asking 30 million euro for the transfer, and according to Don Blas, AC Milan is the closest to that range. AC Milan is also bidding for James Rodriguez, leaving open the possibility of reuniting the two Colombians on the same side next season.

Barcelona’s focus turned to Cuadrado after their first preference, midfielder Hector Bellerin, decided to stay with Arsenal. Barça needs a right midfielder, the position that Cuadrado would likely play if he signed to play in Camp Nou. However it’s a position that he hasn’t played in several years.


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