Who is Violeta Arango, the wanted fugitive from the Andino Center shopping mall attack?

By July 6, 2017

Violeta Arango is 24 years old and alleged to be the person responsible for recruiting the college students to the People’s Revolutionary Movement (MRP) who perpetrated the bomb attack in the Andino Shopping Mall this past June 17, according to the General Prosecutor’s Office. Miss Arango is considered to be the intimate partner of the top leader of this criminal organization, a man that uses the alias “Boris”.

Arango is the individual who appears hooded in the video published by the MRP shortly after the attack, in which she said that the organization had nothing to do with the bombing. In her video, she condemned this attack, saying, “We are not enemies of the peace, rather we believe in the necessity of a real democracy for the Colombian people”.

Little is known of Miss Arango other than age and affiliation with the MRP. Miss Arango, along with other MRP members, allegedly met at the old city hall of Mocoa to plan the attack, according to investigators. However investigators have as of yet presented very little evidence to incriminate her, leaving critics puzzled.



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