Surgeon who practiced plastic surgery with false credentials is under house arrest

By August 3, 2017

Carlos Gutiérrez Cure, an alleged surgeon, was put under house arrest by the 34th criminal court of Bogotá after being accused of performing plastic surgeries with fraudulent credentials. The court explained that this “surgeon” practiced medicine with a specialty in plastic and aesthetic surgery using a degree allegedly issued by the Peruvian university “Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos” (UNMSM). However, when consulted, the university indicated that Gutiérrez never studied at the university.

Gutiérrez’s medical practice license was also suspended, as it is thought that he obtained it due to the approval of corrupt state officials in the Ministry of Education, specifically with the help of Colombian Minister Leonor Herreño. The bribery followed Gutiérrez’s attempt to bribe university officials at Universidad de San Marcos, who rejected his offer.

Herreño later declared herself guilty of bestowing false credentials to Gutiérrez and more than 40 other medical professionals in Colombia from Peruvian and Argentinian universities.

“Migración Colombia”, Colombia’s government migration department, confirmed that this medical professional was inside of Colombia during the time that he was allegedly studying at the Peruvian university.  The prosecutor’s office will charge Gutiérrez with bribery, document falsification, and procedural fraud.

The decision to place Gutiérrez under house arrest follow concern by health officials for the safety of his patients. If he is found guilty, Gutiérrez faces from 6 to 10 years in prison.

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