Fans express concern for Maluma after his message on social media

By August 3, 2017

Colombian reggaeton singer Juan Luis Lodoño, better known as “Maluma” published a nostalgic message that worried his fans on Instagram this week. The message included a picture showed the singer with a sad look on his face, along with the following message:

Nobody knows what’s behind the life of the artists (this is not a complaint), I’m just saying that nobody could possibly know the things one has to go through to become “famous”. I just ask for my health to be good so that I can keep going for as long as you want. I love all of you and don’t forget we are all the same. We laugh, we cry, we have our defects and virtues. Before Maluma even existed, Juan Luis has always been here”.

As result of the message, the Internet started to react. Some of Maluma’s fans attributed his attitude to recent problems, advising him to focus on fixing his mistakes and to apologize for them. Others simply expressed their best wishes and were empathic to him.

Maluma has become one of Colombia’s most famous artists of the recent years. However in spite of his more than 27 million followers on social media, many have jumped on his mistakes to disparage him, including a recent message in which he confused Amsterdam for Belgium.


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