Socially conscious Colombian startup takes the stage at Aruba’s ATECH conference

By October 21, 2018

This Thursday, a slice of Colombia will be coming to the island of Aruba. Bogotá-based startup Redeemy, which aims to improve the business of social organizations through more consistent funding options via banking, was the lone Colombian startup picked to take part in the upcoming ATECH Conference that kicks off Thursday from the picturesque Caribbean island.

According to LatAm Tech, Reedemy functions as sort of the social age’s response to banking by offering customers that ability to give money to socially driven organizations and non-profits.

“We want to have banks and their customers play a key role in strengthening social entrepreneurship,” CEO and computer scientist from Venezuela Manuela Ortega told The Bogotá Post. “We want to create a platform that makes the financing of important social causes viral.”

This is the fourth edition of the ATECH Conference, which is hosted each year by the eponymous foundation. As part of the gathering, there is a pitch competition worth $10,000 for the lucky winner.

“It’s our first time in Aruba. We hope we can be successful there,” Ortega said in his interview with The Bogotá Post.

Among some of the discussions and topics on hand will be business growth, startup investment, and marketing tools.

“By bringing in fresh ideas, and offering a venue to introduce the island’s innovative ideas to the world, ATECH continues to help Aruba’s promising tech scene grow,” ATECH President Tristan Every said of the event. “And it now serves as the go-to resource for the island’s entrepreneurs – offering everyone invited a chance to reset, connect, and play.”

The conference will be held at the Renaissance Convention Center in Oranjestad, Aruba and will revolve around the overriding theme of business and brand identity. This is a topic which Ortega said he finds crucial for any company in the digital age and something that Redeemy can help businesses establish.

“Many small organizations still have no presence in the digital world,” Ortega told The Bogotá Post. “These organizations will find in our platform a simple tool to showcase their social projects, share them in the digital world and obtain financing for them too.”

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