Santos celebrates the endorsement of a second U.N. mission for Colombia

By July 12, 2017

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos celebrated on twitter a U.N. resolution that will create a second U.N. Mission from the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), following the one that concludes in August. He told his twitter followers that the mission will “continue to accompany us in the path to peace“.

The new U.N. mission will begin onSeptember 26, after the current mission finishes its duties. Its objectives will be to ensure the political, economic and social reintegration of FARC ex-terrorists into society, to safeguard the security of the former FARC members, and to support community protection programs in the territories previously occupied by the guerrilla group.

The current U.N. mission in Colombia has recently reported that they have found 660 additional FARC weapon caches, indicating that they have begun extractions and the destruction of FARC weaponry and munitions.

Santos has received precious little support from a skeptical Colombian audience for the peace process. The accords were put to a nationwide referendum in late 2016, where they were defeated. According to the most recent Gallup poll, 55% of Colombians are unhappy with the path of the peace process.

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