October 3, 2022
Medellin News

October was the most violent month in Medellín in more than three years

With 63 homicides, October 2017 was officially the month with the most murders in Medellín, Colombia’s second largest city, in more than three years, according to a report by the city’s Information Secretary. There were no months in 2015, 2016 or 2017 with more violent deaths. This year, Medellín has already had more murders (468) than all of last year (447).

The report indicated that most homicides were a result of organized gang violence, a growing trend in the city as organized crime organizations battle throughout the country for territory conceded by the FARC following their peace deal with the Colombian government. These battles for drug routes often manifest in proxy wars between gangs in the city.

Medellín’s most deadly district this year has once again been La Candelaria, or “El Centro” has it is known locally, where 80 of the 468 murders were committed. Other districts with a high number of homicides include Robledo, located in the hills west of the city, and the infamous Comuna 13 neighborhood of San Javier.

However no individual neighborhood has suffered more than Altavista, located in the far west of the city, where gang violence has been so widespread that the area has been off limits to the city’s police department. Medellín mayor Federico Gutiérrez has struggled to find answers for gang violence that has frustrated residents of the neighborhood.

Though increasing, Medellín’s murder rate still remains far below numbers from a decade ago, when an average of 9 people were killed every day.

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    Celestino de la Fuente says:

    If the FARC political party wants results they have to understand that Cuban style communism does not work . They can strive for Western European style socialism like in Germany , Scandinavian countries . Start by upgrading the infrastructure like an autobahn and high speed trains , universal education including universities and a universal health care for all like Germany and Israel. At the same time understand that the technology revolution is replacing much of the labor force drying up money a challenge that the U.S. and Europe are now facing . Colombia needs to get there brightest and smartest to get think tanks working on ideas . My personal solution for me is a self sufficient finca using wind , solar power with water makers making water from the air , growing its own fruit and vegetables , and providing its own livestock cattle , pork , and poultry , while growing a little specialty coffee for the countries main export . Temporary solutions taxing the technology like robotics that are replacing the human labor .

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    Celestino de la Fuente says:

    You want to fix the narco trade and violence legalize it , control it like alcohol, regulate it , tax it , use the tax money for enforcing regulations and setting up detox clinics . Problem solved !!!

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    Celestino de la Fuente says:

    Increase the pay of police officers and allow your citizens that can pass a back ground check to arm themselfs so they are on an evan playing field with the violent gangs terorising communities and neighborhoods . Legally armed citizens will get tired of the gang violence in there communities and fight back being a big help with the police .

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