Jumping into Colombia’s startup scene

By April 2, 2019

Colombia’s startup scene is rising along with its adoption of technology. With this, the country has given birth to Rappi, one of Latin America’s greatest startup success stories, and Government schemes to fire up the country’s startup scene have proven to be effective.

Bancoldex, a state-owned commercial bank that operates as Colombia’s entrepreneurial development and export-import bank, and Innpulsa, another government-backed entity which facilitates innovation, have helped entrepreneurs across the country, but these entrepreneurs have also done a lot to help themselves.

One active company involved in Colombia’s startup scene is Talos Digital, a software development firm with offices in Medellín, New York, Montreal and Austin.

Dave Mejia, a blockchain strategist and engineer for Talos Digital, previously featured in The Bogota Post, highlighting how he believes blockchain can help shape a better Colombia. He advocates that blockchain “can and will be used to help Colombia’s economy.” “We’re all on databases anyway,” he said, drawing attention to the example of cedula identity cards. He also points out that blockchain could be utilized for more pressing issues such as storing medical data and the implementation of smart contracts.

Outside of advocating for better use of modern technology in Colombia, Talos Digital also brings together the startup scene with community events. This Thursday, April 4th, at 18:30, the company will be hosting JAVA 8 IN ACTION, at Ruta N.

The event’s description states “We will give you a hybris overview. However, first things first. We are going to talk about java 8 new features like lambdas, method references, optional, stream and the time API.” It goes on to say that content will include “Hybris Overview and soft skills
Functional interfaces, lambdas and method references, Optional class, Changes in the interfaces, Stream, Time API”

However, Colombia has a long way to go before it can claim the title of the continent’s startup center, especially when competing with South American neighbors like Brazil and Argentina.

To find out more about the event follow this link.

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