FARC leader remains hospitalized under medical supervision

By July 4, 2017

The status of FARC leader, Rodrigo Lodoño, aka ‘Timochenko’, remains stable, according to the head of the University Hospital of the Colombian Cooperative University in Villavicencio, Dr. Lydis Mayerling Herrera.

Dr. Mayerling stated that Timochenko has been in stable condition since Sunday and his condition appears to be improving but will continue to remain hospitalized under close medical observation. Timochenko suffered a minor stroke this past weekend, reporting paralysis in one of his arms and slurring of speech.

In addition to Dr. Mayerling, Timochenko also hired a private doctor to take care of him. He posted on Twitter that he’s feeling better and showed gratitude for the support given.

Today I feel much better and thank everyone for all the messages they’ve sent me. Your messages of affection and solidarity fill me with rigor.”, he tweeted.

Dr. Mayerling did not disclose how much more time the former FARC terrorist would remain hospitalized under his condition warrants release.

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