Colombian senatorial candidate Yobany Orozco Valenciano: In his own words

By September 12, 2017

Colombian senatorial candidate Yobany Orozco Valenciano responded to our recent article about his controversial proposal that would amend Colombian law to allow men to marry and be legally bound to two women. The response was written in English. For the benefit of our readers, we have included the response below in its entirety without changes.

The criticisms made to our proposal make that every day we fortify ourselves in this subject so essential for our lives, our proposal is not a norm to comply is to look at all the points of view and in our case to see the best profile that benefits the society and manage to maintain the balance of society as it is the family legally constituted today by a man and a woman, hereafter our political constitution of 1991.
Article 13. All persons shall be born free and equal before the law, shall be accorded the same protection and treatment by the authorities and shall enjoy the same rights, freedoms and opportunities without discrimination on grounds of sex, race, national or family origin, religion, political or philosophical opinion. The State will promote the conditions for equality to be real and effective and take measures in favor of discriminated or marginalized groups. The State shall especially protect those persons who, due to their economic, physical or mental condition, are in a circumstance of manifest weakness and will sanction the abuses or mistreatment committed against them.
Poe that is to base continue to work for the conservation of the society and that is our proposal

Highly grateful for all your comments that will be debated at the time.

Yobany Orozco Valenciano”

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