Colombia to experience partial solar eclipse on August 21

By July 23, 2017

On Monday, August 21, Colombia will experience a partial solar eclipse that lasts two hours and 11 minutes, beginning at 1:30pm and ending at 3:40pm. The phenomenom, as explained by NASA, occurs when the moon crosses through the path of the sun’s daytime light and projects its shadow upon the Earth.

The eclipse will be more profound in Colombia’s coast, where coverage will reach 52% in some areas, and will be least visible in the south of the country, reaching only 10% coverage in the Amazons. In the city of Medellín, the eclipse will reach its maximum coverage at 2:40pm. In North America, the sun will be completely eclipsed.

This is the first solar eclipse to be seen in Colombia in more than 16 years, the last appearing on June 21st, 2001.

Of Colombia’s major cities, Cartagena will have 38.1% coverage, Medellín 37% and Bogotá 35%.

You can find more details about the eclipse, and the best cities in Colombia for viewing, on the web site.

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