Is this the beginning of the end for James Rodríguez at Bayern Munich?

By September 29, 2017

FC Bayern Munich, once considered the best soccer team in the world, looked very different this week in Paris when facing the soulless Paris Saint-Germain soccer team. Colombian captain James Rodriguez, whose transfer was the signature acquisition for Bayern during the transfer season, has seem lost at times, lacking rhythm and turning the ball over with frightening frequency.

While many have attributed Rodriguez’s problems to a lingering injury or the lack of chemistry with his new team. However it seems as though Bayern will not have the patience to see the experiment through, as Bayern sacked manager Carlo Ancelotti on Thursday and has now benched Rodriguez in favor of Frenchman Kingsley Coman, a move that appears to be permanent and could represent the end of James Rodriguez at FC Bayern Munich, as it was for him in Real Madrid.


Rodriguez’s poor play is one reason that Bayern sacked manager Carlo Ancelotti on Thursday, a stunning fall for one of the world’s best soccer clubs. Ancelotti personally lobbied for Rodriguez’s acquisition, and with his ouster, James has lost his main advocate at the club.

While Rodriguez is considered to be one of the world’s most prolific footballers, he is also known to have a fragile ego. As his playing time has been reduced, he has regressed and not improved. The only question is whether Bayern is willing to give up on the young Colombian only two months after his transfer, or whether Bayern’s new manager will revive the experiment and give Rodriguez another chance.

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