FARC claim to have delivered 100% of their arms

By June 27, 2017

Carlos Antonio Lozada, a member of the FARC terrorist group, confirmed that this Tuesday his group will conclude their surrender of arms. Timochenko, who is still wanted by the United States and allegedly set the FARC’s cocaine policies directing and controlling the production, manufacture, and distribution, indicated that he would make one final visit to all zones previously occupied by FARC in order to “clarify any doubts ”.

The FARC terrorist leader also demanded that the Colombian government release all FARC prisoners and comply with the amnesty clauses within the agreement signed by both sides.

The FARC’s surrender of arms does not include many dissident groups, including that of Gentil Duarte, who leads the 1st and 7th Front. A significant portion of FARC members rejected the peace agreement and thus will not surrender their weapons.

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