Colombia’s FARC demands that the government comply with 2016 Havana Accords

By September 28, 2017

The leader of the newly established FARC political party in Colombia, Rodrigo Londoño, alias “Timochenko”, has written a request to the central government demanding full compliance with the country’s 2016 Havana Accords. In the document, Londoño claims that the government has not suspended extradition and capture orders, execution of promised social project initiatives, and promised economic compensation for its members.

The landmark agreement, signed in November 2016 between the FARC guerrilla group and the Colombian government, offered the FARC members amnesty, a monthly cash stipend, cash for economic and social initiatives, and 10 guaranteed seats in the country’s congress.

The FARC, for their part, have delivered their arms in compliance with the first part of the Havana Accords.

The 2016 Havana Accords remain deeply unpopular in Colombia, according to recent polling. The agreement was put to a nationwide referendum in October 2016, where it was rejected by the Colombian people. However despite promises by Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos to abide by the referendum, the president ignored the results and implemented the agreement without popular support.

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