Colombian military in Egypt attacked by the Islamic State (ISIS)

By August 11, 2017

A Colombian battalion, part of an international force called the Multinational Force and Observers (MFO), was reportedly attacked by the Islamic State (ISIS) in the Sinai peninsula in Egypt. Alberto José Mejía Ferrero, a major in the Colombian army, told the press that the unit has had frequent confrontations with ISIS.

No details were reported about the attack, nor was it confirmed when the attack took place. Some reports indicated that several grenades were thrown at the battalion.

The MFO is made up of several countries, including Australia, New Zeland, Fiji Islands, United States, Norway, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Uruguay, Canada, Hungary and Colombia. Its mission is to supervise the Israeli-Egyptian ceasefire, part of Camp David Accords brokered in 1979 by the United States.

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