Colombia will grant more than 150,000 temporary residence permits to Venezuelans

By July 31, 2017

The director of Migración Colombia, Christian Krüger Sarmiento, announced this weekend that more than 150,000 temporary residence permits will be granted to Venezuelans in the country. Krüger indicated in the statement that the country has a moral obligation to help its neighbor in a time of need.

We are conscious of the situation that our neighboring country is experiencing, so obviously, we want to lend a hand”, Krüger said.

The permits will only be given to Venezuelans who visit the country’s migratory control bureau and have a valid entry stamp. Venezuelans who entered on tourist visas will also be allowed to receive a permit once their current permits expire.

According to Migración Colombia officials, the permits will allow Venezuelans to work and study as well, and will be provided at no cost. Applicants must prove that they do not have a criminal record, do not have a deportation order, and entered the country legally. Applicants can apply immediately via the Migración Colombia web site.

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