European Union provides 4.7 million euros to Colombia in order to promote economic growth

By July 14, 2017

Together, the European Union and the Ministry of Commerce of Colombia have created a program to strengthen production, commerce and exports in more than half of Colombia’s departments. The program will be funded with 4.7 million euro and will last four years.

The objective of this program is to support the creation of micro, small and medium enterprises, particularly rural areas”, commented Ana Paula Zacarías, the EU ambassador to Colombia while speaking about the Strategic Competitive Program.

This program also aims to promote the collaboration of public and private sectors, along with economic and social sectors, to help increase development and raise living standards for Colombians.

While Colombia’s major cities have advanced rapidly over the past decade, small towns in rural areas have been left behind. This discrepancy has caused millions to migrate from rural areas into the cities, creating new urban problems including pollution, traffic congestion, and increased crime.


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