Colombian captain James Rodriguez separates from his wife of 6 years

By July 27, 2017

James Rodriguez is separating from his wife of 6 years, according to an announcement placed on the Instagram account of his wife Daniela Ospina. The announcement says that the couple have ended their marriage to pursue their careers in different countries. The couple remain on good terms and have already come to legal agreements to end the marriage. The couple have a daughter, Salome.

James’ relationship with Daniela Ospina has been rumored to be troubled for months, as she began to more aggressively pursue a career in modeling. James is said to be very traditional and uncomfortable with his wife’s professional choices.

Daniela Ospina is the sister of David Ospina, the goalkeeper of the Colombian national team. The split could put pressure on the friendship of the two teammates, who are close friends off the field.

Below is a translation of the official statement:

“Daniela Ospina and James Rodriguez, fathers of Salome Rodriguez Ospina, officially announce their seperation after 6 and a half years of marriage; the marriage is ended on good terms and by mutual consent, and remains a relationship full of love and respect, whose first priority is the well being of Salome. We will always be companions and work together to raise and educate our daughter.

Both of us are in the midst of confronting great professional challenges in different countries. Daniela will remain in Colombia and is launching her own brand with national and international projects, while James is in Germany and ready for new triumphs, proud of his homeland, one that he always carries in his heart. He’ll be supporting Daniela and Salome from there, always.

“We understand the repercussions of this news, but ask that the media consider the well-being of the family when reporting. Above everything, we’re a private family that loves Colombians.

James and Daniela will not be giving any interviews about their relationship. Thank you for your understanding.”

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