Sodimac Corona launches new technology accelerator in Colombia

By July 14, 2017

Colombian giants Sodimac Corona, the owners of Homecenter, have announced the launch of a new high tech accelerator aimed at fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in Colombia.

The new accelerator, named Acelerador Sodimac Corona, offers applicants seed investment without the need to give up equity, as well as mentoring and access to Colombia’s vast marketplace. If the applicant’s venture is successful at the conclusion of the venture, Sodimac Corona will also introduce entrepreneurs to their extensive network of investors and venture capital.

The initiative is one of many that are available in Colombia, a destination that has continued to attract foreign investment and entrepreneurs. A spokesman for the accelerator told Colombia Focus that the company believes that Colombia is full of untapped potential.

The accelerator initiative is specifically seeking entrepreneurs with initiatives in the “Internet of things” space, big data, artificial intelligence, robotics and augmented reality.

More information about the new accelerator can be found on their web site. Applications will be accepted through July 30, 2017.

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